Patch and Crack Repair

JNM Asphalt Paving in Elgin, Illinois is a full service paving and sealcoating business that is available to meet all of your asphalt paving, asphalt crack filling needs, asphalt patch repair, and asphalt pot hole repair. JNM Asphalt Paving offers outstanding customer service and affordable asphalt services performed by professionals. At JNM Asphalt Paving in Elgin, Illinois our asphalt professionals are trained in the area of asphalt paving, repair, and asphalt crack filling.

As a business owner or homeowner, it is important to maintain the value of your property by making timely repairs including repairs on your asphalt pavement in Elgin, Illinois and its surrounding areas. The best way to keep your Elgin asphalt looking good and remaining safe for your customers and family members is through the procedure of asphalt crack filling.

At JNM Asphalt Paving we are eager and ready to use this procedure on your asphalt pavement. Count on JNM to get the job completed in a timely and affordable manner. Asphalt crack filling is a preventative routine that involves crack filler or a hot sealant of rubberized tar.

Sealing the driveway or parking lot cracks prevents water infiltration by making the surface waterproof. Since the sealant is flexible, the asphalt remains bonded to the crack even when it shifts or expands. Our expert asphalt professionals of the Fox Valley area are experienced in this procedure and we offer the best quality materials to complete your asphalt crack filling in Elgin, Illinois and its surrounding communities. As always, free estimates on asphalt repair services to all residential and commercial properties.

Pot Hole Repair in Elgin, Illinois & Surrounding Areas

We fix potholes and drainage problems in parking lots and driveways in Elgin, Illinois and it’s surrounding communities.

How To Prevent Potholes

To prevent potholes, you need to prevent water from entering the base of your parking lot. An asphalt maintenance plan will help you prioritize repairs and keep you up to date on preventative maintenance.

Sealcoating your parking lot in Elgin, Illinois every 2-3 years will help fill hairline surface cracks, helping to prevent them from growing into larger cracks. Also, sealcoating will slow down the oxidization of the asphalt, keeping it pliable and less prone to cracking.

Annual crack sealing with professional-grade sealant should also be part of your maintenance plan.

Finally, even the smallest of holes in your parking lot should be addressed. A small pothole can turn into a bigger pothole in a short period of time. Deferring maintenance will put you on the path to more expensive repairs in the future.

Hot Patching Is The Best Way To Repair Potholes

Hot patch in Elgin, Illinois provides a more uniform repair and should last the remaining life of your parking lot.

The repair area is saw-cut into a rectangle. The repair area might be subjectively large because we need to cut back to sound pavement. The patch area is removed of water and debris. Tack (bonding agent) is applied to vertical sides to hold the new asphalt in place. The patch area is filled with asphalt and then compacted with either a vibrating compactor or roller.
If you want your asphalt repaired correctly then contact us to discuss a free estimate on pot hole repair or asphalt patching repair services in Elgin, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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